Certified Appraisals
Appraisal Costs

One Item: $40.00 
Re-do Appr. $25 each 
Engagement set (2 rings): $50.00
Catalogue Appr. $12 each
5 items or more: $35.00 each 
Appraising is another task that we, as gemologists, perform. This generally involves assessing a cut and polished gemstone. The gemologist who appraises a gemstone will likely be concerned with determining whether it is natural or synthetic and how much it is worth. 
We are Certified Graduate Gemologists. What is a Gemologist? Gemology is a branch of science that deals with the study of gemstones. The certified professionals who work in this field are called gemologists. Their duties usually involve identifying, grading, and appraising gemstones.
In some cases, a gemologist can tell what gemstone is before him by looking at it, but this may not always be possible.
Two different gemstones such as blue topaz and aquamarine may look nearly identical. This means that gemologists are often required to perform a series of tests to determine the true identity of a gemstone. Usually one test is only enough to provide indicators but insufficient for complete identification.
Once gemstones are identified, they may also be analyzed so that they can be graded. A grading report typically accesses the quality of a gemstone’s features such as colour, clarity, and cutting properties. There are various grading systems and the results given by one gemologist can vary from those given by another.
Our Appraisals will be performed on site for your assurance and security. Most all appraisals will be completed in 24 hours.
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